The 7 Best Supplements For Men

Take these for long lasting health and sweet gains

Try asking some of your bros what’s the best thing you can take for a long life and some sweet gains. Chances are each and every one of them will give you their own different and definitive list of what to take. This shouldn’t be surprising; everyone has their own take on health and strength. Some guys will perhaps include a healthy dose of roids, others will praise a vegan-only environmentally friendly diet — or something equally ridiculous.

Here’s where this article comes into play; here you will see what you really need to be taking and why. Picking up any of these supplements and adding them to your diet will completely benefit help your body. Add them all and you’ll have super health! Okay, maybe not super health but you will be more healthy and stronger than before.

Best Supplements For Men

Multi Vitamins

Vitamins are essential in your everyday life, without them you would be dead. Chances are that during your day to day life your vitamin intake from a natural source isn’t all that great. Either your nutrition is lacking or your body straight up demands more than you’re giving it.

That’s why you should invest in downing some multivitamin supps. You can get them at any local pharmacy or online. They have a stack full of multivitamin shops. Some pharmacies may even have an option of checking your vitamin levels!


Ah yes, the legal alternative to snorting coke — caffeine. Caffeine has a bunch of benefits, it can make you smarter in the short-term and in the long-term, it speeds up your reaction time, boosts your energy levels and it helps you concentrate on your tasks.


Magnesium is great for post workout recovery and it also has a key role in strengthening your bones. That should be more than enough reason to take magnesium supplements. If you really don’t like pills, you can always buy it in dissolving tablet form and drink it like that. It certainly tastes better.

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